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Thread: Megatron - Galvatron confusion needs to b explained in TLK

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    Post Megatron - Galvatron confusion needs to b explained in TLK

    I have been gone for a long time but I have returned. Mainly I have been building up my Transformers Collection mainly DVDs now I have everything except TF RID 2000 which is the only Transformers never done on DVD in North America.

    My deal I have is regarding Megatron & Galvatron, & how & why Megatron is back in The Last Knight. at the end of AOE Galvatron says he is Reborn & this is not over. Yet in TLK we do not even have Galvatron we have Megatron back ???

    Only possibly explanations I have for this is

    1 - The Creator brings back Megtron or changes Galvatron into Megatron

    2 - Decepticons find some sort of Artifact source of Power (Ancient) Brings back Original Megtron

    3 - Unicron Brings back Megatron

    I have been with Transformers since Day 1 since 1984 this has even me stumped & confused. & this is also a WTF Deal !!! Why bring Galvatron in just for 1 Film AOE.

    Then do away with Galvatron that quickly & bring back Megatron who has been Destroyed a couple of times yet somehow always comes back.

    While I enjoy Megatron's New Look, I was hoping for a new Big Bad Villain such as Unicron who has yet to be in the Live Action Universe. Yet they always for some reason bring back Megatron.

    Yet Transformers over the decades has had many villains besides Megatron/Galvatron which could be used in the Live Action Universe such as ROM
    to other classic Characters.

    While I am excited for TLK, I whished Megatron was ultimately Done & gone. I am tired of it always Optimus vs. Megatron.

    Which my Fan Fiction I wrote there is no Megatron or Optimus & it takes places in an Alternate History (Parallel) something new & Fresh

    I have also invented new Key Elements, Sub Groups & Link Up (Combination)

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    Default Re: Megatron - Galvatron confusion needs to b explained in TLK

    I can't see them doing Unicron just yet. I don't think the CGI has progressed far enough to create a character that big, but you never know. My theory is either this is a new Megatron or it's the same Megatron but his appearance takes place in a flashback. Or he's done away with the human name given to him.
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    Default Re: Megatron - Galvatron confusion needs to b explained in TLK

    People are always saying Unicron has to be a Planet Eater, God of Choas, 100 Ft Tall. In Reality My Unicron would be totally different than anything Unicron has done or was.

    My Unicron is able to Use Any Power & has Perfect 10 Stats, Bascially Invincible. Can Transform into Anything & Copy Anything. He is not 100 Ft Tall,
    He is not a Planet Eater, he is not Optimus Prime's Twin Brother.

    This Unicron also has unique abilities Freeze Time, Rewind Time, Pause Time, & Cloaking Abilities, These Unique Abilites would do away with the need to be a Planet Eater I would make hime about the size of Trypticon or Scopinok from Transformers The Rebirth.

    You have to think out of the box & there is unique & different ways to Modernize Unicron to make todays CGI work without making him a Planet Killer.

    Yet you could also have still be a Planet Killer with a Unique Transformation such as a Planet Buster Ability Weapon when he Transforms.

    I would also give Unicron Wings & a cool New Look Bieng Purple & Orange with Red Eyes. This Unicron would still be able to Create Transformers & Upgrade them he just would not be the 1986 Animated Unicron.

    But regarding Megatron & why is he Back, Many Ways, but ultimately needs to be explained how, who & why. It is already confusing enough.

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    Default Re: Megatron - Galvatron confusion needs to b explained in TLK

    Would have been cool if all the artifacts since the first film were meant to be collected by Unicron. Then he gradually gathers the artifacts as we progressed through the films, working in the background, unbeknownst to the transformers. Then he combines them and uses all its powers in the finale.

    He'd be like the Thanos of the Bayverse.



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