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Thread: Wow, a whole lot here!

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    Default Wow, a whole lot here!

    Okay so we have a bunch of reveals and intros we got to discuss guys!

    First! Megatron!


    I'm really loving this new look guys. Something about it is very menacing in my opinion and I can't wait to get to see it in all its beautiful CGI Glory!

    Now, Barricade!


    I'm not a huge fan of this look but I'm not disliking it that much either!



    I'm gonna be honest, not a huge fan of him being the medic autobot of the team if that's what he's gonna be, but I guess it has to happen :-( RIP Ratchet

    There's the link to the Transformers twitter where they've been posting these reveals!

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    Default Re: Wow, a whole lot here!

    Love the new Megatron!

    Love the new Barricade too. I like the covered face look -- has that Friday the 13th Jason feel to it! Ready to slash Autobots to pieces!

    And Hound? F*** Hound! LoL



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