Just got back from this.

Really fun and enjoyable for the whole family. I would say it topped the first one, because there was more action. This time we're past the 'origin' storytelling. So it's jump to action right away!

And one of the new comers... Stephen Amell... was great. I like how he's able to flex his acting to fit a different character. He didn't give out an 'Arrow' vibe throughout the movie. And that is a great actor. You know how some actors seem to play the same character in every movie... you know like Jesse Eisenberg for example -- that dude acts the same way in every single movie he's in. But not Stephen Amell.

The Turtles are as funny as ever while April remains April.

And like the first one there were scenes that are kind of Bay-ish. SPOILER AHEAD...

The inside of Krang's ship felt kind of like Lockdown's ship. And when Krang's head had been ripped off in the final battle it was reminiscent of a lot of Decepticon heads being ripped off in the TF movies.
And I really, really liked the Bumblebee homage in the Halloween parade scene near the beginning of the movie!

You should watch this!