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Thread: Favorite Tales from the Crypt episodes anyone?

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    Default Favorite Tales from the Crypt episodes anyone?

    My top 25:

    1. What's Cooking.
    2. Ventriloquist Dummy.
    3. Fitting Punishment.
    4. And All Through the House.
    5. Strung Along.
    6. Man Who Was Death.
    7. Lower Birth.
    8. The Trap.
    9. Easel Kill Ya.
    10. Undertaking Parlor.
    11. Split Personality.
    12. Dig that Cat...he is Gone.
    13. The Secret.
    14. Well Cooked Hams.
    15. Only Skin Deep.
    16. You Murderer.
    17. Top Billing.
    18. Carrion Death.
    19. House of Horrors.
    20. Food for Thought.
    21. Showdown.
    22. Abdra Cadavar.
    23. Korman's Kalamity.
    24. Television Terror.
    25. The Third Pig.

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    Default Re: Favorite Tales from the Crypt episodes anyone?

    I can only recall titles of a Few Tales from the crypt, but here's my list

    Carrion Death.
    Doctor of Horror
    And all through the house
    Split second
    Mournin' Mess
    Lower Birth
    The Thing from the Grave
    Television Terror

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