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Thread: 13 Hours - New evolution in style for Bay?

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    Default 13 Hours - New evolution in style for Bay?

    Hey guys, haven't been around here much, been super busy. But I saw 13 Hours a couple months ago and have been meaning to post about it.

    First off, I loved the film. It really helped bring to light a story that many people may have not necessarily overlooked, but perhaps not really known the specifics about. For that, I think this was a very important film to be made. It was also very evident to me that Michael's heart was very close to this one.

    Now let me say this. 13 Hours was probably the most "un-Bay" film of his career. What do I mean by that? Well, we all know and love Bay's flare for over the top and stylized shooting. This was much less a focus on this film and it was totally raw. I found it very much in line with say Black Hawk Down, and that's not a bad thing. I would say that there were only two "traditional" or "classic Bay" shots in the whole film. The "follow the morter down the shaft and fire and follow" and the "sparkly big explosion in slomo."

    That being said, I seems like a new chapter or evolution in Bay's style. I've Always grouped his films like this.

    Bad Boys - First film, taking many cues from his commercial and music video work

    The Rock, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor - All had the same vibe with slight evolution from Bad Boys

    Bad Boys II, The Island, Transformers - Another evolution in style and flare

    Transformers 2-4 - A bit confused by these. I'm sure Bay had a good time with these, but it seems like there was a lot of studio and outside pressures with these that didn't allow him to make these films the way he would have liked. I know he's been vocal on this in regards to TF2. These are films he was "asked" to make, not necessarily wanted to in my opinion.

    Pain and Gain - Taking a step back a bit and getting back into his old groove. Very much like the Bad Boys II, Island, TF1 era.

    13 Hours - Grittier, raw, less flare. Just honest storytelling. Comedy was more genuine and not too over the top. A much more "real" approach to his film style.

    So anyway, there's my breakdown. Curious to see where he goes next!

    - Jarek
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    Sup guys!!!! ;D

    Watching Armageddon right now!


    Man i hope this forum runner app has fixed it's glitches.

    You lucky basterds have 13 hours Pfff i'm waiting for it to come out here FOR AGES now Mike! Pfff maybe i had it coming for not being online here

    The reason why i'm watching Armageddon is because were living in interesting times right now... and FUCK ISIS..

    I'm expecting 13 hours to come out this 30 March... You'll hear from me bro's!
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