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Thread: Keeping Transformers 5 Fresh

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    Default Keeping Transformers 5 Fresh

    With any film series, heading into this number of installments does have the risk of running flat. What's great about Transformers though is that the last film set up the next one with a natural continuation with Optimus going to the Creators and Galvatron now out there. What fans want to see of course are Unicron and the Quintessons. Budget aside, I think this natural continuation and the challenge to stay fresh are quite the marriage to bring these characters in. Transformers 5 will give Michael the chance to use a lot of new toys, but there already seems to be some that we haven't since him use yet. Motion capture, from the actors to the sets using a digital environment would be a toy that would keep the filmmaking process fresh for Michael as well as honour how to faithfully expand the Transformers universe and bring to life the famous characters. Along with normal, physical, in camera filmmaking, it would be really cool to see some of this digital filmmaking used for Transformers 5, like Avatar, Tintin, and the final Hobbit.

    How about it, eh?

    As a side note, a reunion with Rebel Wilson from Pain & Gain could be funny, having her voice a sassy new Autobot.

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    Default Re: Keeping Transformers 5 Fresh

    What I'd like to see (besides Unicron, obviously) is a memorable fembot with a healthy chunk of screen-time. Arcee was tragically wasted in the previous movies. They can either borrow a character from one of the cartoons/toy lines, or come up with someone completely original, just so long as we get some girl power in there.



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