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    In my opinion Mr. Bay has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to planning out and shooting jaw dropping action sequences. That being said he also has pushed the envelope when it come to capturing thrilling experiences. I was reading that Avengers Infinity War Part I releasing in May of 2018 will be the first feature film to be shot entirely with IMAX digital cameras. Then a thought came across my mind.... Now details as to the next Transformers movie have been kept to a minimum, and normally you wouldn't know what was being used to film it unless there is a announcement or on set pictures are leaked. With a tentative release date of July 2017 Transformers 5 has a chance to be THE FIRST feature film shot with the new IMAX digital cameras. Now I know there are many variables that factor into this decision...but common this would be a visual feast for anyone who watches. Michael is already familiar shooting with the setup and would only be improving on his technique to masterfully craft some of the most beautiful actions scenes. Just thinking out load here. Good luck with Transformers 5 Michael!

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    I'm sure Bay will opt for Red Weapon Dragon 8k Vista Vision.
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