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Thread: Could you Mr Bay and Mr Spielberg save Pacific Rim ?

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    Default Could you Mr Bay and Mr Spielberg save Pacific Rim ?

    The first Pacific Rim movie with the top-notch CGI by Industrial Light & Magic, the same ones that allowed your Transformers movies characters to look real, was really amazing and it was loved in China, Europe and other Asian countries too.
    Now the rights for Pacific Rim due to the WarnerBros and Legendary split went to Universal once Legendary then merged with them.
    Just these days a few weeks before principal photography for Pacific Rim 2 was planned to begin Universal and then Legendary managers all of a sudden postponed ad infinitum the movie and like what happened with Tron 3 at Disney it practically is canceled now.
    They first announced to the world that the movie was going to happen and the first one was a success they didn't expect and then they canceled it and they don't want to finance it anymore.
    As you Mr.Bay surely know these things can only get worse and a franchise dies like this with sadness and disappointment of millions of viewers=customers worldwide.

    Is there any chance that you and Mr.Spielberg could save the Pacific Rim franchise by buying the rights from Legendary and Universal so that Del Toro could then direct the movie for you and still get a release date in 2018 now?

    I can't believe that such an amazing work by ILM on Pacific Rim could be trashed by some managers that don't recognize how many people in the world are willing to pay to watch more movies and get more merchandise for the franchise. The movie has some amazing characters and designs and a strong plot that could be expanded very well. The script for the second movie is ready and they would just need the money to do it now. But Universal and Legendary managers changed their mind all of a sudden in such an unprofessional way.

    Save the franchise. Pacific Rim deserves to be saved. And you Mr Bay and Mr Spielberg are the best hope in the industry to save such an amazing sci-fi franchise.

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    Default Re: Could you Mr Bay and Mr Spielberg save Pacific Rim ?

    Not to start an argument, but didn't the original flop at the US box office quite dramatically?



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