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Thread: I was 3 when it began - 1984 2017 TF 5 marks 30 Years of TF OMG !!!

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    Post I was 3 when it began - 1984 2017 TF 5 marks 30 Years of TF OMG !!!

    Hard to believe I was only 3 years old back in 1984 when it all began, when Transformers 5 hits in 2017. It will mark a major milestone for me. Makes it my 30th Anniversary of being with Transformers 1984 to 2017.

    I just love this stuff, which is why I been with it since Day 1. now I am 34. I still love my Transformers even though I am a Grown Up now. But the kid never really leaves you. It is so awesome to see how Mr. Bay how taken my Beloved Transformers & brought them to the Big Screeen it is really Mind Blowing & Awesome.

    So thank you Mr. Bay & your Team & the rest of the Folks for all your hard work time, & sacrifice over the years working so hard to bring Transformers to the big Screen from the Cartoon I loved when I was 3 years old to what it has become today is truely Special & OMG Amazing.

    We saw that with Age of Extinction & I can't wait to see Transformers 5 in 2017 my 30th Anniversary of being with Transformers.

    I love this stuff so much I am currently in the process of making me a Fan Fiction dubbed Elements of Chaos.

    TF - Elements of Chaos is new & totally different from your Saturday morning Transformers from the 1980s & even more diffrent than anything recently or on currently.

    1. There is no Optimus Prime, The is no Megatron, this is a new Generation in an Alt & Parallel Universe.

    2. There is No more Autobots & No More Decepticons but their Legacy Remains

    3. Humans are in my Fan Fiction but they are not a key role or an important Role.

    4. New to Elements of Chaos is something I invented called IN-FUSION This is a new deal different from Combination, Upgrades, ETC we have seen in the past. What is In-Fusion - In-Fusion is a new deal where Human's & Transformers In-Fuse on an Organic Level both Together reborn as 1 All Powerful Being.

    5. What are some of the new Transformers in Element - NightRazor, Thunderslicer, Afterburner are example's being with Transformers for almost 30 Years now I have my own Transformers, History, Mythology & other deal I have made such as IN-FUSION.

    6. What is some of the Plot Devices in Elements - See in the past we had Key to Vector Sigma, Space Bridges,
    Omega Lock, other Artifacts of Power - Now in my Elements we have the new Elemental Chaos.

    I am in the midst of working on the details but trust me TF Elements of Chaos would be OMG if made & done.

    But I am also iffy about publishing my work & making my work public, worried over backlash & the hate I would recieve.

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    Default Re: I was 3 when it began - 1984 2017 TF 5 marks 30 Years of TF OMG !!!

    "What you first have to do is begin the long, hard search for representation (in other words: getting an agent). Then your agent will send it to the person (entity?) you request. You also have to register your script with the WGA and/or the U.S. Copyright Office."

    Certainly won't be able to profit off a "new Generation in an Alt & Parallel Universe" based on Transformers.
    "In the context of the Transformers brand, Hasbro and TakaraTomy are the main copyright holders for their respective markets, and they often even act as representatives of the other one in their markets. For example, an American who violates the copyright of something that technically belongs to TakaraTomy will have to deal with Hasbro, who will act on TakaraTomy's behalf. Since most official Transformers-related works are specifically created under work-for-hire contracts, there are very few relevant things Hasbro and/or Takara don't hold the copyrights to, and they will try to amend that as well."

    Love your direction but you'll need to drop any associations with the Transformers Brand in your stories before you publish or attempt to license the rights to the ideas, I think.



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