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Last week I was lucky enough to interview Tyrese Gibson for https://www.facebook.com/TransformersCars covering his music ,
Furious7 , Paul Walker and even about possibly coming back to

Check out the interview below


Tyrese Gibson-
Is noted as the Total Package - Not only by his Many Fans, but
also with the Media Industry and his Peers.
With each career task Tyrese
takes on, is yet another challenge that he has, successfully rolled
Award winning Singer, acclaimed Actor, Model, Producer, Writer and
Philanthropist is a impressive resume for anyone. But even more so given Tyrese
back ground with coming from South Central of L.A.'s Gritty Watt's

We recently had to opportunity to pose a few questions to
Tyrese during a virtual Interview about his current Black Rose music project,
Furious 7 and even squeezed in a question on possible future endeavours with the
Transformers movie franchise.

Dropping this July will be Tyrese`s latest
Project -
The Black Rose Album a two disk project containing the
Disc one will feature his soulful R&B sounds, while Disc two
will feature the rugged rap lyrics of his Black Ty persona.
While in
conversation, Tyrese expressed how music is such a involved dedication.
not only spend a lot of time producing and writing for the album, but when that
album is released you are constantly touring and promoting the album."
looks to step back, after this album and focus on spending time at home with his
But fans of Tyrese`s music fear not, this will not be the last that
we hear of Tyrese and his music career.
This is only to be his last Solo
Album, not the end of his music career. "Music is my first Love" -
Tyrese’s first single off the album is entitled Dumb Sh*t a
collaboration with Snoop Dogg.


On Furious 7
This April we will see Tyrese return
for the fourth time, to the Fast & Furious Franchise as Roman Pearce
2003 Tyrese joined Paul Walker in the cast of 2Fast 2Furious, to which a
brotherly bond was formed with the two young stars, from such different back
It was during the latest Fast & Furious instalment of Furious 7,
while on a break from filming.
A unfortunate tragic car accident occurred
during Paul`s charity event, which resulted in the death of Paul Walker.
the world was shocked at the horrific news, Tyrese was devastate with the lost
of his brother.
“It was the people that actually knew Paul the way that we
did, who helped us get through it,”- Tyrese

When asked about his feelings
on returning to complete Furious 7
“Paul Walker is and will always be an
angel and when the family asked us to finish the film, it gave us more
confidence to close it out.”- Tyrese
"It was Paul's family that insisted upon
the completion of the film, believing it’s what Walker would have
"Paul had filmed approximately 85% of the film, with his brothers
Cody and Caleb, even stepping into finish Paul's scenes."

Tyrese then
commented on the ending of Furious 7
"Furious 7 ends with a beautiful,
tribute to Paul, which his family not only gave their blessing, but also took a
part in filming."


On Transformers
Known as his big time break out
role as Sargent Epps from the Transformers movie franchise.
We asked Tyrese,
Transformers fans would like to know your thoughts on reprising your character
Epps in future instalments ?
"I was just with Michael Bay a couple of weeks
ago. I said Mike I am ready baby. "
" If there is anyway to reprise my role
and bring back Epps , I would love to do it ." - Tyrese

With all the
massive undertaking of Tyrese Gibson, and his busy scheduling.
Our interview
allotment was brief, but we appreciate his time and considerations in selecting
us to partake in his virtual press junket.
On behalf of all your fans at
TransformerCars, Tyrese thank you and all the best.

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