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Thread: Transformers - Rise of the Creators (TF 5 - My Idea) Fan-Fiction

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    Post Transformers - Rise of the Creators (TF 5 - My Idea) Fan-Fiction

    Transformers - Rise of the Creators (TF -5)

    10 Years have passed since the events of AOE, Optimus Prime is now in Deep Space searching for a Suitable Hiding Place to hide the Seed Bomb.

    Meanwhile on Earth a new generation of Autobots have taken refuge under the command of their new Leader Ultra Magnus, Out of fear of being hunted down by the Humans the Autobots have created their Refuge called Autobot City located in a Remote Region on the Earth.

    Since the events of AOE, Galvatron has been in hiding. Biding his time & building his forces back to strength.

    Meanwhile elsewhere in an unknown underground Temple or Unknown origins a Team of Scientist have made the biggest discovery in Human History. An Ancient Alien Artifact of Unknown Origins neither Decepticon or Autobot or Cybertronian in nature it is an unknown Alien Artifact.

    Not knowing what the Device is the Government has placed the Temple on Lockdown & made it Restricted. Meanwhile a Scientist unknowingly accidently activates the Device. & the Device sets out a Signal into unknown Regions of Deep Space.

    Meanwhile in Deep Space the Origins reaches it Destination that Destination the Creators Home World, The Creators of the Transformers. Knowing this Signal they know it is from the Powerful Artifact they call THE ELEMENTAL CHAOS.

    The Elemental Chaos is a Device of Tremendous Power that can control the very fabric of Space & Time & Open Door Ways to other Dimensions such as our Dimension is Dimension Prime Elemental Chaos can open a door to a Dimension I call Dimension X which is known as Dark Space.

    The Creators knowing what Elemental Chaos is & what it can do plan on Unleashing Chaos to set free an Ancient Being known as Unicron a World Eater of Terrible Destructive Power who is imprisoned in Dark Space - Dimension X & only the Elemental Chaos & bring forth & set free Unicron.

    So the Creators sends out its Top Warriors they call The Transmetalcons under the Command of Nightrazor, followed by Thunderslicer, & Afterburner their orders retrieve the Chaos by any means necessary & destroy both Transformers & any one in their way.

    Welcome to Transformers 5 - Rise Of the Creators.

    Being with Transformers since day 1, I am also good at Fan-Fiction. So I been busy working on this new Story.
    this here is just the Bases for the Story.

    To give you guys an idea of how I think Transformers 5 would be & where it could go.

    Being with Transformers for almost 30 years, I am also good at making my Own Transformers, Teams, & Plot Devices.

    I hope you all like my Idea for Transformers 5. Keep in mind this is just FAN-FICTION.

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    nice but don't let hasbro find out like they did mine
    Optimus Prime. Never disappoints... Unlike YOU, Starscream!

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    Default Re: Transformers - Rise of the Creators (TF 5 - My Idea) Fan-Fiction

    Glad you like it, My Friends love my Stories & my ideas. Told me I should publish them or even contact Hasbro or something to give my Stories, Characters, & ideas to them.

    But I dont know how, nor would I know how. I just do it cause it is a passion of mine & I love to write Fan-Fiction.

    Also I been with Transformers since I was 3 years old. So making this stuff is easy to me. I have my own Characters, Plot details & everything even my own Mythlogy & history I have created.

    I made new Transformers but sadly my Drawing is Beyond Suckified. So I would be unable to Draw Afterburner, Thunderslicer or NightRazor. or the new Teams I have created or my Elemental Chaos.

    I have also made new fictions for video games

    Zone of the Enders - Final Runner
    Mass Effect - Infiltration
    Dragon Age - The Lost Chronicles

    My Friends say I should be a writer & make this stuff public but worried over Fan Backlash from the communities & the hate I would recieve.

    But I am glad you liked my story Idea for Transformers 5 this is the tip of the Iceberg of what I can do & what I can Create.

    then again I been with Transformers since I was 3 Years old

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    Default Re: Transformers - Rise of the Creators (TF 5 - My Idea) Fan-Fiction

    My Friends also think Elemental Chaos would be an awesome way to Set Up & Bring in Unicron, they said it fits in perfectly.

    Also said did I call it that cause of Unicron being called the Chaos God, I said no my name was from my own head & my own idea.

    Deminsion X is where Unicron is laying Dormant, Only the Creators can bring Unicron to our own Dimension Prime, this is only possibly with the Elemental Chaos. The Humans Accidently Triggered & Activated.

    Why was Chaos on the Earth to begin with, It was Stolen from the Creators & Hidden from them by the Original Prime's seen in Revenge of the Fallen those Prime's They stole the Chaos from the Creator's & hid it from any outside Source.

    Now eons later Humans once again have Sealed their Fate & brougt the Age of Extinction - The Chaos Bringer Unicron is coming from them & nothing is going to save them.

    Unless they all work together Autobots, Decepticons & the Humans then & only then do they have a chance against Unicron.

    But the key to destroying Unicron isnt the Matrix of Leadership it lays with the Elemental Chaos.

    But I dont want to spoil my story any Futher than that.

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    Default Re: Transformers - Rise of the Creators (TF 5 - My Idea) Fan-Fiction

    i like the idea with the follwing:

    can be used as backstory
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