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Thread: Will Michael confirm he's directing 5?

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    Default Re: Will Michael confirm he's directing 5?

    Good day!

    Hopefully Mr. Bay stays to complete the second trilogy and then passes the baton...


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    Default Re: Will Michael confirm he's directing 5?

    Its good if MB returns. He's very knowledgeable especially with regards to military stuffs. It seems he has a lot of connections -- a tad more than any other director perhaps, as far as the military goes. He makes extremely great military scenes in his movies. Thats what I like most with his movies -- the military accurate stuffs.

    Now on the other hand, I think someone else taking over would also be good. Maybe whoever takes over would be someone finally willing to give fans stuffs like the Stunticons and Aerial bots... and all those fan wishes for the big screen! For the former I would love to see Dead-end as a Ferrari, Wild rider as a GT-R, Breakdown as a Jaguar F-type, Dragstrip as a Mercedes-Benz F1 car perhaps (a multi national race car gang).

    So either way its good.

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    Default Re: Will Michael confirm he's directing 5?

    Watching Cinemasins on YouTube really makes all the plot holes and mistakes more visible.
    i am ready for a new director - but not sure if bay is ready to give up. Seems like a nice cash cow for him also.
    also sick of the American flag and the U.S. military being in the viewers face all the time.



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