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Thread: Who's Designing The Robots This Time?

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    Default Who's Designing The Robots This Time?

    Hi everyone, new guy here.

    Don't know if anybody outside the production crew would even know the answer to this question, but I was curious as to who is returning to the art department as Transformers-designers for Transformers 2?

    I'm a big fan of Ben Procter's work (especially the un-used Arcee design, it's brilliant - I hope it gets a second chance in movie #2) and I hope he will be back for the sequel. I'm aware that the robot designs are probably already finalised (given Mr. Bay's statements that the new robots were going to look very unique, I'd assume the designs are done by now), so any chance we could find out who was responsible for them?
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    Obviously, you would be able to find out at somepoint. Perhaps ask Mr Bay in the "Ask Michael" forum. Welcome, by the way
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