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Thread: Missed out on site updates?

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    Question Missed out on site updates?

    I can't find a notice or announcement anywhere stating that the old TF forums have been locked.
    Says I don't have posting privileges in those forums anymore.

    Don't know if that's just me or the whole forum.

    There was a question I wanted to ask about DOTM that I couldn't find doing a search.
    Perhaps ask on the facebook page?
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    Default Re: Missed out on site updates?

    Well I'll be darned, the DOTM forum is closed. the TF1 and ROTF ones have been closed for awhile actually, but I never noticed DOTM's closing until you mentioned it. I figured Nelson must of closed it quietly due to inactivity.

    You could ask your question in the Michael Bay or TF4 forum, perhaps. Or the Facebook page. (I never go there so I wouldn't know.)



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