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Thread: Transformers 4 Forum Suggestion

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    Default Transformers 4 Forum Suggestion

    What if for TF4 we divided the "Transformers 4" forum into two sub-forums. After you click on the forum from the index another page gives you two options, a "Transformers 4 Spoilers" forum and "Transformers 4 Clean" forum. This would eliminate any accidental spoiling for those who don't want to be spoiled and would allow a place for those who do to have spoiler-filled discussions. If we're being honest, nearly everyone who comes here for news is looking to be spoiled anyway. As a member who has both had things spoiled and had trouble with identifying what is actually a "spoiler" in the past (three month ban) I think this could be really effective if a specific low tolerance policy is enforced on the clean forum and would eliminate the need for spoiler warnings.

    Just a thought.

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    Default Re: Transformers 4 Forum Suggestion

    I think it'd be easier if we just type "[SPOILER]" in the title of threads that contain spoilers.

    Really, there shouldn't be any spoiler discussion at all. It's a good thing we're not getting any comic adaptations this time around. I really hope we're not getting an novels either.



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