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Thread: Pain and Gain - Internationally

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    So it's opened in the UK. Lady in work said it's "really shit". I asked why, she said she thought it was going to be funny. No one in my office is going now. That's a lot of people.

    Word of mouth is bad. Really bad.


    Because of the shittest marketing campaign since Pearl Harbor.

    You can also download it illegally in HD for free.

    Slow hand clap.
    I've always defended Michael Bay against attacks that his films are full of stupid explosions, girls in underwear and mindless characters... but then he made Transformers 2 and I conceded...

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    I just finished watching it, i enjoyed it. Wasnt blown away or anything but it was a good story. yeah, it wasnt really funny.. iTunes had it under the comedy section, which is wrong and might mislead people. It did have a few funny scenes tho.. It was cool seeing Bays house in the movie! I recognized it right away! And his dog as well! Wish Michael had a small cameo as well.. Good movie overall.. I liked it.

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    At last! Yesterday it was released in Spain!

    I've seen it and it's FUCKING AWESOME. Maybe Bay's best? Can't decide right now, but it will be Top 3 for sure.

    The Rock is awesome. Award worthy. It's a shame no one will nominate him because of his past.

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    Dudes! It's 01:20 now i'm f*ckin beat! But i've seen it! And i loved it!

    Yolanthe was in it for a good amount of scenes which is freakin awesome! she looked great!

    The visuals we're great Michael! Some excellent camera work IMO, some great, fun, naughty, playful, sexy scenes i liked it!

    Some very good looking woman in there Bar Paly looked very nice

    That smacking with the dildo's wtf lololol haha XD
    And that part where the hair gets stuck in the chainsaw everybody was like "wooawwww..!" hahaha and other scenes as well was great!

    There were a few scenes i think 3-4 scenes where i and maybe some others in the audience were a bit bored but that lasted like 4 seconds i think.
    The movie was overall great!

    Some pics:

    At the parking ;D

    In the ticket hall

    But wtf was this One(1)Direction stuff doing before the movie started :/ good thing the follow up was "Meet the Millers."

    Michael i think we connected in this movie man, it was great!
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