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Thread: How the Transformers Look Based on Their Voice Actors

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    Default How the Transformers Look Based on Their Voice Actors

    After watching the making of Transformers The Ride I found out that I don't know how most of the actors look that voiced the Transformers. I think it's kinda fun to see who is behind each character. If you haven't seen them here they are:

    Peter Cullen - Optimus Prime
    Peter Cullen.jpg

    Leonard Nimoy - Sentinel Prime
    Leonard Nimoy.jpg

    Hugo Weaving - Megatron
    Hugo Weaving.jpg

    Charles Adler - Starscream
    Charles Adler - Starscream.jpg

    Frank Welker - Shockwave, Soundwave, Barricade, Devastator
    Frank Welker - Shockwave, Soundwave, Barricade.jpg

    Jess Harnell - Ironhide
    MVJess Harnell - Ironhide.jpg

    Mark Ryan - Bumblebee, Jetfire
    Mark Ryan - Bumblebee, Jetfire.jpg

    Robert Foxworth - Ratchet
    Robert Foxworth - Ratchet.jpg

    Darius McCrary - Jazz
    Darius McCrary - Jazz.jpg

    Francesco Quinn - Dino
    Francesco Quinn - Dino.jpg

    George Coe - Q
    George Coe - Q.jpg
    James Remar - Sideswipe

    James Remar - Sideswipe.jpg

    Grey De Lisle - Arcee
    Grey DeLisle - Arcee.jpg

    Tom Kenny - Skids, Wheelie
    Tom Kenny - Skids, Wheelie.jpg

    Reno Wilson - Mudflap, Brains, Frenzy
    Reno Wilson - Brains, Frenzy, Mudflap.jpg

    John Di Maggio - Leadfoot
    John Di Maggio - Leadfoot.jpg

    Ron Bottitta - Roadbuster
    Ron Bottitta - Roadbuster.jpg

    Keith Szarabajka - Laserbeak
    Keith Szarabajka - Lazerbeak.jpg

    Michael Dorn - Hatchet
    Michael Dorn - Hatchet.jpg

    Tony Todd - The Fallen
    Tony Todd - The Fallen.jpg

    John Di Crosta - The Doctor
    John Di Crosta - The Doctor.jpg

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    Default Re: How the Transformers Look Based on Their Voice Actors

    I always thought Optimus Prime looked like Peter Cullen without a mustache, while Sentinel Prime looked like Leonard Nimoy with a mustache...and dreadlocked beard. (Though, the creators claim his face was inspired by Sean Connery.)



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