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Thread: Re-watched both RoTF and DoTM...

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    Default Re-watched both RoTF and DoTM...

    I spent the past two days watching the second and third movies. Some conclusions:

    The more I watch Revenge of the Fallen, the more I see where it could have gone. And I blame alot of that on the writer's strike and it being a rush job.

    Dark of the Moon is a really, REALLY good action flick.

    I like the human element. Say what you want but the people are what make these movies believable. Would I love a movie about massive alien transforming robots only? Sure. But, I'm pretty high on the Transformers geekiness scale.

    Buzz Aldrin and Optimus Prime always gives me chills. I always feel like if Optimus was real... whoa.

    WHERE THE HELL DO HATCHLINGS COME FROM????? I am assuming there is no such thing as robot sex. I am HOPING there is no such thing as robot sex.

    That being said, in Jetfire's rant he mentions his father was a wheel, the first wheel. And he transformed into nothing and did so with honor. After getting past the humor in his rant, you begin to think "WHAT???!!!!????"

    The detail in the transformations gets better in every movie. The detail in the robots' designs and lighting gets better in every movie. As I'm watching the Chicago battle scene when Brains and Wheelie destroy the mother ship. The fight between the distracted Decepticons and the formerly captured Autobots is phenomenal. Funny, every time I see that seen I only remember seeing Ratchet, B, and Que. Probably because they're the only ones who talk.

    Wheelie was much better in Dark of the Moon. I like Brains and I think he was underused.

    Love the Wreckers.

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    Default Re: Re-watched both RoTF and DoTM...

    Yes, I watched ROTF again recently, and the biggest problem is the pacing. It takes half the movie just to get the plot clear. DOTM keeps things moving much better. I still think the first movie had the best script in terms of "beginning, middle, end" as Agent Simmons would say.



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