So, I directed this short film as a school project for the media school im currently visiting. While Ive already directed several animated (short) movies, this was the first time Ive ever really directed a live-action movie and it was a hell lot of fun, alot more fun than directing an animated movie. The school im visiting is not the most professional one and they told me that this is one of the best movies ever made on that school, and while i believe that too, im personally not entirely happy with the final product, seeing how it lacks abit of production quality, but I think for the amout of equipment we had (which was very little) and seeing what the school usually produces, it turned out great.

However, I really want some opinions, so here it is (Oh, and its german, so its subtitled):

One thing that I think is really cool is that most of the score for this movie is made by TarbyRocks, my favorite musician, check him out, you can find him on Youtube!

This was also the very first time I needed to do subtitles for the sake of translation, so im sorry if they go by too quick, I did not put alot of effort into those.

Anyways, thanks for watching and some comments and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

Currently im working on another live-action movie which will have alot more production quality and will probably turn out to be far superior.