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Thread: I Am Legend 2

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    Default I Am Legend 2

    I absolutely loved this movie. Great atmosphere, great visual style, great performance by Will Smith. Although there are many zombie/disease movies I loved the story too.
    I was very excited when a few years ago I heard that there is a plan for a prequel story again with Will Smith. But now comes the big surprise.

    If you haven't seen the first movie stop reading, there are some major spoilers.

    Warner Bros has closed deals with Akiva Goldsman and Overbrook Entertainment to produce another installment of I Am Legend, the 2007 hit film. The intention is for Will Smith to reprise his role as scientist Robert Neville, who was the last man on Earth doing battle with a mutated mob in New York City after an apocalyptic man-made virus wiped out the population. A deal was made with Arash Amel to write the script. The film is not being called a prequel, which had been rumored for the past few years.
    Assuming the second installment of I Am Legend is not simply a prequel-in-disguise, there are two ways for a Smith-starring sequel to make sense (sort of):

    1. Robert Neville is featured heavily in flashbacks, in a manner similar to how I Am Legend chronicles the chaotic quarantine of Manhattan (via its protagonist’s memories).
    2. Amel’s screenplay accepts I Am Legend‘s alternate ending (which partly restores the thematic value of Richard Matheson’s source material, while also allowing Robert Neville to live) as being “canon” – and ignores the much-decried climax to the film adaptation’s theatrical cut.
    By the way although the alternate ending is a happy one and a bit cheesy I liked it more than the original one. The idea of love wining at the end of monster movie is cool. Also he could have just thrown the grenades in the original ending and everything would have been fine, there was no need for the sacrifice.

    I hope we have some news in the next few months.

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    Default Re: I Am Legend 2

    It was alright. Wish they'd made the vampires more like...vampires. Nothing compares to the original novel.

    Still, I'll wait and see. It's a little unnecessary, but then again, most movies are. I'm not really for or against it right now. I just wish there was a more accurate adaptation of the original story.

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    Default Re: I Am Legend 2

    So Hollywood does what it does best now a days. When they couldn't make a sequel or a prequel to the first one, they decided to reboot the whole thing, as they do with everything now a days. They just can't get anything new done cause apparently all the people who made good movies in the past with some sort of original scripts is either retired or stone cold dead. Just can't wait till next year when they announce the reboots of Die Hard, Lord of the Rings (bet your ass it's gonna happen some day), The Godfather trilogy, Indiana Jones and every movie that you have seen that has been a Box Office hit. If a movie has made money at the Box Office, Hollywood is gonna reboot the shit and hope it will do it once again. Hopefully this new I Am Legend reboot turns out to be a pile of shit just as the Robocop reboot was cause I rather watch something new instead...



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