Given the recent activity of the forum, we would like to remind dear members to read the forum rules carefully before post.

Welcome to the Official Michael Bay forums! Before you begin interacting with other members and users of the Forums, we ask that you review the following guidelines to ensure that everyone has a pleasant, rewarding experience.

The 10 Commandments

Here are some things you should consider before signing up:

1.- Choose you username wisely. I'm not going to change it for whatever reason, so please DO NOT ASK ME OR ANY OF THE OTHER MODERATORS to change your username.

2.- When you choose a username, make sure it's not one that is trying to pass of as a celebrity. Example:

Appropriate: MichaelBay-Fan

Inappropriate: Michael-Bay

3.- Think before registering. Everyone can see your comments, so think carefully before you register or post. And when you do, you have about 3 minutes to edit you post for whatever reason.

4.- Do not create duplicate accounts. If you think we're stupid, you have no idea who you're dealing with. It automatically gets you permanently banned.

5.- If you get banned, don't ask me to erase your profile. Read #3.

6.- If you decide to leave the boards, don't ask me to erase your profile. Read #3.

7.- If you decide to go gansta with someone and that someone kicks your ass in return, don't contact me and ask to broker a peace deal or ban the other individual. Take it to PM.

8.- If someone is making your life impossible through PMs, block (ignore) that user in your settings.

9.- Please do not ask myself or any other moderator to get you a job with Michael Bay or get you in contact with him. Please do not post job request.

10.- This is a Michael Bay FAN SITE, so coming here to voice your hate for whatever reason and/or threatening anyone gets you banned permanently.

Common Sense

1.- Please do not ask for A JOB. please do not ASK TO BE IN A MOVIE. Ask yourself: would you offer someone a job or a part in a feature film based on a post on a www forum?

2.- Before posting a question, please search to see if someone else hasn't asked the same question. Keep your question short and simple, make it something worthwhile.

4.- Please do not post scripts/ideas/treatments on this board. You will be banned. Please do not post film or script suggestions unless asked for. Post(s) will be deleted immediately.

5.- You can express your concerns politely and professionally. This is not a place to bitch like a 4 year-old about your dislikes about the TF. Any bitching threads will be deleted.

6.- Answering of your question(s) is up to Michael's discretion.

7.- Please keep your sigs down to 3 lines and/or less or less than 15px per line. It's pretty lame when you're sig is 10x longer/higher than the 5-word sentence you posted.

Posting Guidelines and Terms of Use

Please respect other members and the content of their posts. This may be a virtual community, but the people here are real and have real questions, thoughts and comments. Although we encourage healthy debate, we reserve the right to remove posts that in our opinion are abusive towards other members, defamatory, harassing, bigoted, sexually explicit, disruptive or otherwise exist solely to insult or violate these Guidelines. We may also remove user names when they violate these criteria.

You will want to visit the Terms of Use for a more detailed explanation of the terms governing your use of the Forums. You are solely responsible for the content of your posts so be sure to click on the Terms of Use link and read the entire article there.

Infraction/Warning System

The following explains the infraction system. It's a good way for you to track how many infractions/warnings you've received and for the Admins to track how many infractions/warnings have been issued.

Each infraction will generate a point. If someone accumulates 3 unexpired infraction points they will be banned for one week. If after a week the returning member continues to accumulate additional infraction points they could be banned for a month or more.

It is possible to get warnings too. Sometimes you will get a warning rather than an infraction. Warnings look like infractions but are worth 0 points and do not count toward your infraction total.

You may view your infractions points on your profile page. No one else is able to see how many infractions you have. If you do not see any infractions listed that means you have not received one. When you do get an infraction, a private message is sent to you. Infraction points expire after a certain number of days, so your point total can go down. Members can get infraction points for the following reasons:

Harassing through Signature or Avatar (expires in 30 days)
This includes any inappropriate pictures, language etc. Harassing or belittling others in your signature is also not allowed.

Actor/Director/Writer Bashing (expires in 45 days)
This infraction does not apply to those who say they hate someone's work. People are very free to express their thoughts but the name-calling, personal attacks, and general hate language needs to stop. It is distressing and it's not needed to say "I hate this movie (or the writing, or the graphics etc)." Comment on the work, not the person.

Reasons for temporal account suspension

General Disruptiveness - spamming, trolling, derailing threads, etc

Attacking or harassing Other Members (expires in 60 days):
belittling or attacking others for how they think or feel, name calling or debasement of any kind is not allowed. People are free to have their say within reason. If you think someone's post is unreasonable, please report them or place them on ignore.

Attacking Moderators or Administrators (expires in 60 days):
Self explanatory. People needn't like what we say but we ask them to respect the rules. I will listen to thoughts and concerns but I draw the line at personal attacks.

Lifetime ban

If anyone tries to circumvent a temporary ban by posting under another user name, they will be banned permanently.

We reserve the right to ban people immediately as we deem appropriate. Please be aware that posters who deliberately and viciously break the rules may be permanently banned with no warning. Ruling on whether a permanent ban is necessary is ultimately left up to the discretion of the board moderators and administrators.

Reporting Posts & the Ignore Feature

If you see a post that is a problem in any way, please do not answer it. Use the report post button which is the triangle in the upper right hand corner of every post. If there is a certain member youre unable to get along with, use the ignore feature found under the Miscellaneous section of your control panel. If someone is deliberately being disruptive report them but if its just a personality issue than its your responsibility not to react to them. Use the tools we provide.


Please keep your sigs down to 3 lines or less and not bigger than size #4.
It's pretty lame when you're sig is 10x longer than the 5-word sentence you post. You sig should be shorter than your smallest post.


Aside from Michael Bay himself, no one is to have the name Michael Bay in the their username. Any accounts that do will be deleted without notice.
Once you choose your username, stick with it. Please do not bother the moderators with name-changing request.

Thank you and happy posting!
Welcome to S4TE. Hope you all will enjoy.