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Thread: Was Shia LaBeouf Really Considered for TF4?

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    Default Was Shia LaBeouf Really Considered for TF4?

    Maybe you already heard the rumor which Shia's Rep dismissed but I'm starting this thread hoping to hear something from Michael on this.
    Personally I think Shia served his purpose and the new movie won't benefit from his fourth appearance. Hope the rumor is not right, after all TF4 is a re imagining, right?

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    Default Re: Was Shia LaBeouf Really Considered for TF4?

    i agree. he has come full circle. i hope we can move on from his character. Besides, there are particularities in his character that i dont apreciate and could do well without.

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    Every time there is talk about Shia people always have to post a negative comment with it.
    Shia did good in the movies i still like him and his way of overreaction to a giant robot that is trying to kill him/capture him and maybe torture him for life with death as followed is just funny.. i also liked his more sensitive and heroic side which gave him more depth in his character also looking at Shia in one of the pictures where he had to do a emotional scène where the Autobots had to leave Earth and Sam behind at NASA's launchpad; he was laughing his ass off in that picture for some weird reason which shows Shia has more to offer and is good at what he does.
    And yeah, maybe he jumped over or slided under one car to many and the camera was infront of him instead of behind but he's still good but can always be better.
    I'm hoping Shia won't become numb to the biz like other actor who have to take more extremer rolls to feel satisfied. Maybe these actors need to work with Michael..? To feel that there is still a challenge for them..?
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