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Thread: There are 2 Brawl-like Cons in DOTM.

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    Default There are 2 Brawl-like Cons in DOTM.

    I know way early on when we first seen the DOTM teaser trailer, you could see 2 Brawl-like Cons in the scene where Optimus flies in and cuts through all the Cons to get to Soundwave. In that first teaser trailer (if someone still has it) there is the brown Brawl Con and a darker (maybe) green one behind him. But once the official trailer came out some time later, the darker green Brawl Con was no longer in the trailer and they moved the Brown one up closer.

    Well, I could never make it out on the DVD version of the movie but after just watching it on Blu-ray, Optimus first shoots down the Brown Brawl, then the green Longhaul-like Con, a few protoforms, sticks with his sword and slams the Audi Sideways-like Con, a few more protoforms and then just before Optimus moves on to the yellow Scrapper-like Con, there is the dark green Brawl Con that he cuts through and pushes to the side. Its fast but he is there. Its at 2:34. You can make out the guns on his right hand and if you do a frame by frame, you can see the green color, the treads on his shoulders as well as the double cannons on his back. Thank you Bue-ray! Would never have caught this!

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    Default Re: There are 2 Brawl-like Cons in DOTM.

    I thought Bee killed Soundwave
    Actually, Prime murders 13 Decepticons in that scene, incluiding Shocky. Crazy motherfu!!



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