Mr Bay needs a break from Robots and the Franchise too. You need to go the Pain of Gain thing then do Bad Boys 3!! Also I hope one day Bad Boys II will come to Blu-Ray. The sound will be awesome when it does!! I know it is not up to u, but it is up to the Studio!! Sony Pictures!! On the Sony Demos at the store they have been advising it for a long time. Thanks for all the awesome memories. I am so happy u put The Island footage in for the Car Scene for Trans 3 thanks. I love all the Trans movies. The Opening in Part II was the best Opening in a action movie. I watch it a lot. Trans 3 was the best one yet. Trans 3 had everything I was looking for. The Washington D.C. part was my favorite. Your CG team & Steven's team and etc.. did an amazing job. I love when Lincoln statue got destroy that was awesome. U have a lot of amazing people that love what they do kept it up the hard work guys and girls it will pay off. I had a dream that you would Director Transformers and it came true!! You, John Woo, James are the best Action Directors. If it was not for James C doing T2 there would be no Transformers.

Merry Christmas to Nelson and the whole Bay Team.
And a Happy New Years also. I know it is early but is right around the corner.

Bay Fan for Life
Russell Voeller