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Thread: Hasbro in Talks for Fourth Transformers Movie

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    Default Re: Hasbro in Talks for Fourth Transformers Movie

    I don't feel bad for Shia. The kid is making millions and his stock has rised from TF. If he doesn't like the press then stop acting plain and simple. Yes, I know and heard the press say stupid and silly things from other actors but it goes with the territory. Also, Shia is not known to be the most friendly person in the world with getting inot scuffles in the bar and shit like that. I'd fcking rather take on acting and press any day of the week rather then put up with the current crap I'm dealing with.
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    Default Re: Hasbro in Talks for Fourth Transformers Movie

    Haven't read anything regarding Shia's past yet but..

    I think Shia could use some detoxification (it wouldn't hurt you know, just a little) there's this clinic in Amsterdam named Jellinek for people who have problems with addictions it was on the news here just now, a person (addicted to alcohol and cannabis) there was interviewed after completing his trial there he said: "his mood suffered under it, his condition suffered under it and his performance suffered under it in any area both physical and mentally" he said and took one week for detoxification the guy said it was hard he got a grip on his life after a week he said: "your gonna feel better in your skin, and your enthusiasm will grow, and you feel like you want that to stay" it took 6 weeks for him and this is in Amsterdam where cannabis is everywhere.

    here is the link it's in Dutch:
    from 06:01-07:55.

    I'm not saying anything bad, everybody has problems and/or addictions you know.. just saying it's an option for Shia if he thinks it's a serious problem for himself.. and of course go to a clinic in the US not Amsterdam.
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