Im your fan since "the Rock" movie and i want to say,Thank you for making our dreams come true.
every movie by you is a big event in cinema world and your action movies are unique in directing, photography
,editing and visual effects.your dynamic style in movie making is unreachable by other directors.
i believe this motto is really your working motto: "No pain, No gain".
just like a professional athlete, you doing movie job with pain and your results are Gain.
you have described new horizons in action genre.who dare to make a movie in transformers grandeur?
Michael Bay,a young director for Music videos and commercial who became a king in great holywood,
this is just like a heroic story for me.a man who has power to use the most advanced military rigs and expensive cars
and explode everything he want.
i make short movies and commercials and you are my idol, i learned a lot of precious things by your movies and commercials.
watching your movies are a great course for learning editing and camera choreography in action genre.
thanks again dear Michael and i wish to see more movie by you and wish to meet you some day.