Thanks for making transformers cool. They were when I was 7, and as a 32 year old man, when I see some of the artiistic direction and scenes in this movie I actually get teary eyed (not because its a chick flick, but because the music, the explosions, it's so fucking cool). Yea some may critizise (fanboyism) I was one of them in the past but you managed to make my childhood dream come true. I never thought transofmers would get this media attentrion or get the attention it deserved, but thanks for being a belever. I don't know how the hell you do it, or how you have an insanely talented staff to pull it off, but you do it. I only buy your movies and watch them over and over. Anyways, God bless you and keep doing what you are doing. People will always hate and critizise even if someting is great. Even though not everything goes the way people want in their head (fans always have a predetermined idea of how things should be including myself), thanks for taking a risk and making something IMPOSSIBLE, possible. BTW, that MEGATRON transformation in DOTM is the coolest dopest thing I have ever seen. I thank you and the person who thought of it. That scarf is ganster. INSANE. Some may see the movie and clap and never see it again and say "oh, that was a good flick". But the fans will always tresure it. Oh yea, and thanks for the 1980's stripe on Optimus's trailer and the transfomation sounds from the title screen to the end. Anyways look forward to future testosterone and explosions. - Iggy