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  1. chatterbox
    The city hates me and i can not live like this. So if i stop posting then you know why. People contaminate my food, there was a staple from a restraunt. They keep tormenting me and it is so hard to stay above it all. It may sound absurd but it isnt. I wouldnt be writing this if it was. I wouldnt be changing things in a way that can not be unchanged.
  2. Bot Girl
    Bot Girl
    Chris, perhaps you need to talk to a counselor to help you with these feelings. You seem like you are depressed and you are having thoughts about hurting yourself. There is nothing any of us can do to help you. But you need to get yourself to someone who can. A pastor, a counselor, someone.
  3. Arcee99
    I agree with BG, you should listen to her. I live so far away so I can't do anything to help you but tell you that you should talk to a counselor or similar.Cheer up, we are here to offer advice and comfort when you need it the most.
  4. Shadow
    Chatter... you are a good person. I know life has a way to bring us down as I have been there time and time again. If something has you to such a low point that you may not be thinking right and or are thinking about things like hurting yourself or others... please talk to someone. What city are you talking about that hates you, if you dont mind telling me?
  5. chatterbox
    Perth, Western australia

    im not looking for help. unless u can fly me outta here lol. im just saying why im doing the thing im doing.
  6. Arcee99
    Well... The only thing I have to say: do what you think is right, and I wish to you good luck.
  7. Primes_Girl81
    I'm confused chris why do the ppl in ur city want to hurt u? What particular reason do they have to want to hurt u? If u cannot say on here pls PM me.
  8. MrX
    What I want to know is how are these people getting away with this? If I found a staple in my meal, not only would I be pissed but I'd be going straight to the Manager about it. He could get his restraunt shut down over something like that. Also with all these people after you, couldn't you press charges? If they're trying to hurt you, couldn't you charge them with assault?
  9. chatterbox
    u see i have no evidence. just my word. when i got the phone camera alot of shit stopped lol also i dont know their names yet they know everything about me. yea ordred takeaway open at home found staple. they could say i put it in there at home blah blah they are cunning....
    i talked to police about an avo. shall go see in person soon. i dunno just need to leave anyway i can
  10. MrX
    You don't know them, But it would seem that these people know someone who knows you. All the same I would've brought it back, or in the future examine your food before you leave the restraunt. Anybody asks why, tell them what had happened last time. They have know right to treat people like this. Worst thing is, this happens all the time. I knew someone on line that had the entire school after him, I wont go into any details as to why.
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