Hi Guys!

  1. Spruebox
    How's it going? I'm doing kind of blah. Was in a car accident on Monday. I was okay except my shoulder, which I got medicine for (shoulder is worse then it should be because I have bursitis in it). Everyone was fine otherwise, though they took the drivers of the other vehicle to the hospital to be safe (I wasn't driving). That's something I would like to not go through again...
  2. Shadow
    happy to hear you are ok.
  3. Arcee99
    Car accidents suck.
    I'm glad to hear you're ok!
  4. MrsSamWitwicky
    I just joined this group! I remember Shia Labeouf saying "Michael Bay is the sickest action director on the planet" On the transformers 1 Behind the scenes specials

    And I just joined today, so its been a little while since ur car accident. but im sorry that you hurt your shoulder, but im glad you are okay!
  5. DEWY
    Hey MrsSamWitwicky, that is exactly where I took the phrase from because Shia Labeouf explains it in the best way possible! M.B is definitely "the sickest action director on the planet!"
    Enjoy it!
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