Arrival to Earth & Scorponok

  1. DEWY
    Hey guys, I thought it would be appropriate for this group to tell you guys to check out this video:

    This guy has a weird style of playing and really seems to get into it but really good!!! I love it!
    What you think?
  2. Arcee99
    Awesome!!!!! I love it dewy thanks a lot for share it!
    I have to learn how to play those songs
  3. Arcee99
    Hey I found this version of "Arrival to Earth" (cover). Electric guitar. It's a bit different, but I liked it anyway
  4. DEWY
    Yes, really cool! I like it! It makes me wanna play the piano again and learn all these songs. I haven't played the piano in about 6 years.
  5. Arcee99
    Really? U play the piano??
  6. DEWY
    yeah, I used to play like every day, but yeah, I don't know why I stopped, I should never have done that. Do you play any instruments?
  7. Arcee99
    Guitar (my whole life playing it) and some piano...
  8. DEWY
    Thats really awesome. My brother plays guitar pretty well, he can play like Metallica and AC DC and the real rock face melters LOL.
  9. Arcee99
    YEAH! I've just finished learning Arrival to Earth in piano!
  10. DEWY
    That's so awesome! I'm going to try get the sheet music for it and learn it as well!
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