On being an "aging" geektard

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  1. Bot Girl
    Bot Girl
    So, I know Jazz and I have had this discussion, but this is a perfect place for bringing it all out. I find that because my interests run toward geeky stuff that has a large "youth" fan base, I have a lot of younger buddies and only a few my own age. Do the rest of you find that many folks in our general age group seem on a totally different wave length? I mean, I do have some geek buddies my age (lets just call it over 45 and leave it at that, shall we.) but most of the folks I hang out with tend to be younger. True for the rest of you?
  2. Jazz935
    Thats how most of mine are.. exception being my friends from my car clubs.. but even then.. NASIOC ( North American Subaru Impreza Owners Club) is mainly a bunch of young punks who didnt know Subaru existed before the Impreza. As for my absolute LOVE of anything transformers related.. they all think I am just fragged in the head.I have 2 guys I talk to at work a wee bit..but ....again... they are younger and are unaware of G1. Anyone in my age bracket just seems to have a stick up their aft and dont even really know how to have fun in general. I am an adrenaline junkie..extreme sports etc...and same thing goes..I am tired of hearing " Arent you afraid you are going to get hurt?" Or the music I like and listen to mainly.. Concerts...I feel like grandma out there. Like I have said before... I aint dead yet..and I never intend on acting my age...and if others dont like it...well then they can all go straight to the Inferno.
  3. BIG Tee
    BIG Tee
    Jazzy, BG, yall are maximum ass kickers. Most of my friends are my age. But, they are geeks also. However, out of the group, I am the only one that has a fondness for Transformers. They pick on me all the time about it. It's all good though because I have friends like you two that share the same common interest and even more so. But, as I said before we are still major geeks. We love computers, gaming, and history. Now the guys that I play ball with are a little different. We love sports history, and are students of the game of basketball, baseball and football. They are my sports geeks. They are also my age and together we love taking the young guys on the court.

    My thing is, I love to have fun. Life is short, and I want to live it to the fullest. I can't stand being around people that are serious, all of the time. Ugh, just stay away from me. My manager asked me once,"Terry are you ever serious" my response "the day you loosen up, is the day I'll be serious".
  4. Bot Girl
    Bot Girl
    Amen, Tee and Jazz! I love the old Dr. Who line (Tom Baker at the Dr.), "Just because you're grown up, doesn't mean you can't be childish once in a while!" The whole "grown up" thing eludes me. Tee, you're right, life is too short! I always wonder what the stick in the muds find to do all day besides complain!
  5. Jazz935
    They complain .. I think because they are just miserable.. They forget what its like to just let loose and have some fun. Every year I usually have a cookout for my one Subaru club... and it gets ridiculously silly.. and usually the noobs just sit there confused at our amusements.. One year we had David Hasselhoff Lawn Jarts. Redneck games.. Flaming Bananas...and fireworks..followed up by banjo playing. We get a tornament of HillBilly Golf going ...the funnest backyard game ever since its in the rules that you must insult the other team.

    Anyway..in this part of CT..its nothing but a bunch of stuck ups..fake people who want to appear to be the elite socialites. My husbands family is included in this..they just dont know how to take me so I try to avoid them. Once one of them even asked when I planned on growing up..
  6. BIG Tee
    BIG Tee
    Are you fraggin kidding me Jazzy?!?!?! When will you grow up?!?!?! That's shull bit! But, you know some family members say the same about me. I work, pay the bills, take damn good care of my family, but all they see is me wanting to have fun. Oh, well.

    As far as the fake people, I have them in my family too. I hardly go around them. Or, do they hardly come around me because they think I'm low on the social chain. Last I checked we were born, raised, and came out of the hood together. Some people are just funny that way.

    BG, I love that Dr. Who line. I think I'll use that one. That's why I love my grandfather so much I guess. He is 87 years old, dates women, goes out, and in general loves to have fun. I think he is actually 57, but for some reason, and some how faked his age.
  7. Bot Girl
    Bot Girl
    I think we probably have the vote of the gerontologists who say keeping active, and being a little less serious helps keep you young! Tee, I love your grandad's attitude and he will live till he's 110 because of it!!!
  8. chatterbox
    i dont look at friends and thier ages it all depends on the person. I just love all your atitudes.
  9. Knittrix
    In my 20s, I listened to classical music for a few years. Around 35, a much younger colleague took me to a disco that played House and Techno, and I was thrilled. People at my age told me "We are too old to dance in a disco" and "House and Techno is only for Teens and Twens" and joined either classical concerts or discos playing 70s and 80s music. I am in my 40s now and still love House and Techno but no more classical music. And why in the name of BumbleBee should I be too old to dance in a disco?!?
  10. Knittrix
    Another example: I recently joined a group learning self-defence. Most of them are male and very young. The youngest is 12, most of them are between 16 and some 20's.

    Of course no one near me is that fond of Transformers, well except that 12 year old son of one of my distant friends...

    One piece of me, of my personality, had to grow up early. At the age of 31 I faced a challenge that should be normal to much older people. No matter what I have experienced and what age my passport shows: There are really young parts in my soul. And I will honor them. And there are more t-shirts to be painted with Autobot symbols and at least one OP figure and one BB figure to be purchased, YES!!!!!!
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