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  1. Sorry... At that time I had to make it look real....

    you have no idea how sorry I am.... I wasn't planning on.. *sigh*.. nvm... Sorry.
  2. Wo Josh, way to thank someone who showed you some friendliness! Both as LM and Scattergories. Thanks so much for stomping on my trust! Don't hate ya, but I'm very angry and distrustful of you now!
  3. thats so cool!
  4. Yup, he seems to like and even respect his fans.
  5. very cool, it looks like when he first started posting he was quite casual
  6. Here is the link to Bay's profile page on the forum:
  7. awesome!!
  8. Who knows. <<shrugs>> There are some of us laying bets that he may check in with a holiday greeting before Christmas, but that is just our speculation. He usually just comes on to post some bit of news, and has posted less than 100 times, so most of us just come here to be wityh other Bay geeks and consider it a bonus when the big man comes on. :-)
  9. oh ok.... so when will bay be on next?
  10. Being a mod has nothing to do with how much someone posts. Mods are picked for their skills in moderating and there are only a few here (like 4 or 5?). He was banned because he broke a number of rules in a very emotionally confused time for him this last weekend. He posted some very disturbing links (the mods deleted those posts), started multiple accounts, etc.
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