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  1. Oh good, I'm glad!
  2. thanks BG! it was a good one!
  3. Hey, Happy Birthday! I started your official Birthday thread!!!
  4. LOL! hello! I always feel like a peeping tom when I do that!
  5. hello fellow "viewing whos online" buddy! :P lol
  6. Yay! I was wondering where you've been!
  7. "I'm Baaaack" -Ozzy Osborn :P
  8. oh yeah. Slumdog was good, was kinda oscar worthy, never did I think Best Film though
  9. Yup, should be interesting. The Academy is so screwed up and political that they have almost invalidated themselves. Kind of like movie critics.
  10. absolutly! but Irronhide lost the oscar to a polar bear. Who knows about thsi years, with Avatar on the way :|
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