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  1. i think IDW were on a winner with them in thier war within series
  2. ya me too. Being in the comics they were military anyway
  3. i could even see them done as the dynobots as military vehicles
  4. i too think it could be done and we will see.
  5. aww man, i think the dinobots could be constructed in a joint effort or been on earth for a longtime and scanned dino modes simple explaination similar to IDW's version of the dinobots origin
  6. i dont think we will see that.
  7. thats would be a smart nod to the fans aswell, when does scorponok get rebuilt from a drone into a huge battle station/city ala headmasters lol. i liked that character.
  8. true on all. As for the Dino-bots... i have been saying from the start that if Scorponok can be in it so could the Dino-bots. Hey you know what would be cool? If they had Blackarachnia as a black D-con Mitubishi Spider car
  9. i agree if Ravage can be in it so can the dinobots, the audi could also be Runabout or Runamuck
  10. even though they were said not to be in the movie the Dino-bots would work.
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