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  1. hey bro... long time no talk.
  2. well i was gonna claim a modified version of that motormaster concept as Darksaber with a Prime face plate and swords but Jolin hasn't done it yet
  3. well if you can come up with a movie like face pic of Dark Sabor then i can see about making a symbol for him.
  4. i think it suits his name and design better
  5. why do you think he needs to be a Shadowcon?
  6. i saw ur insignia's an thought maybe its time Darksaber became a shadowcon
  7. i'm still along way from movin to the US if it happens at all its either that or buy some land that i can build a motocross track on an have fun messin around on wit cars and stuff but i will definately visit it seems i have a few people to visit when i come over lol.
  8. id gladly help out anyone who needed one if I had the space to fill.
  9. nice work buddy maybe one day i'll be able to ask ya for a job lol.
  10. the business is going great. Im about to open another location in my state and looking at two more down in florida.
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