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  1. How did the masterplan work out?
  2. see yah
  3. My poor parants.... Didnt even read your post
    Well, good night ^^. I can sleep well now that i know i will live to see rotf
  4. Yes, it will be after ROTF. And I will be sure to kill your parents as well.
  5. Oh dear... Well, as long as it AFTER rotf....
    Im gonna seek up my bed btw, my parants keep bugging :P
  6. Of course I'll be forced to kill you also, but that would be at the beginning of my 2nd term, so you still have time to live.
  7. Whahahahaha
  8. Well, we'll rule together for a while but then I will overthrow him, giving me absolute power!!! Shoot, I hope he doesn't read this.
  9. The only problem you guys will get is: which megs it THE megs.... Its still a masterplan though
  10. Riiiiggghhhttt. Where's 42? We need to tell him our master plan!
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