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  1. ok!!! I guess thats a good thing right? lol
  2. Actually, not at all. My room is going to be a decent size in the new house, and I might still be able to keep my life-giving computer as well! OuO
  3. What? lol i was just being friendly and whats new ment i was asking what's new in your life at the moment? Are you in a bad mood today? lol
  4. What do you mean "What's up?" What info do you want me to give you?

    Meh, I guess my brain is on the fritz today. xD
  5. hey you.... whats new?
  6. Oh, Shadow, I almost forgot to ask you something. You see, I might write a story based on the roleplays that everyone has done. If I manage to start it, could I possibly make Shadowcons into it? The whole story is played by what we've already done, soo... OuO
  7. no!!! Not at all!! I asume you havent done much RPing before? Its ok!!! You are good at it and a lot better then some I have RPed with in the past. Sorry for writing so fast in the rp. Im used to it and havent been in the rp for a while. My friend Larry is Chaos and there are with Nightshade and Myself 6 of us Shadowcons that get on from time to time and rp. So there may be a time when all six of us are on. My Shadow Decepticon is the oldest of the six and Brother to hem all and keeps them in check. Nightshade is second in command and is the one I trust with the most with sibling stuff lol.
  8. ya it can get a bit hard to keep up at times. Again sorry!!
  9. Ah, okay! I have done roleplaying for two years so you failed at guessing that! xD

    The reason my posts are so short and undetailed is because the replies go so fast. xD
  10. =D OMG You think my roleplaying is.... good? xD It's atrostious
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