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  1. at least she's a good sport about it
  2. yeah but still couldn't see it my comp is bein crappy these days
  3. cant do that sorry. I was just able to get her to let me post them on here. lol
  4. do ya still have my email you could send straight to me
  5. no the pics are still showing up on my computer. did you go to the first post i put up in the thread and see if you can see the pics there?
  6. she is a hottie. I wounder why you cant see them. Im going to look.
  7. it's good to be back buddy i see you have yet another girl to choose from i can't see the pics so i don't know what i'm lookin at but she sounds like a top chick
  8. wouldnt have it any other way. Good to see you back.
  9. you know how it is bud just been chillin on holidays for the past two weeks now i'm back and badder then ever lol.
  10. and what the hell have you been up to bro?
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