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  1. we are one big happy mixed up bunch of bots around here lol
  2. well Shade has been added as a female soldier called a Battle Sister and her name as she has picked i is Nezabeth. I thought about addin a few more friends but they would have to come up with names and figure out what faction they want to be a part of.
  3. fo sure, so hows the book coming buddy ya dropped my name in it lol.
  4. you got that right lol
  5. disney land = happiests place on earth Bayboards = Randomest place on Earth lol
  6. lol god only knows that we do a lot of random stuff around here aint that right rod?
  7. hey thats cool buddy
  8. lol never mind I forgot about when you fought the two Shadowcons. Sorry bro got a lot going on with this book and my mind isnt all here right now.
  9. lol what two bots did you impale and how... being all the Shadowcons are in the Void?
  10. hey buddy whats up sorry about impailing two of your bots on RP
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