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  1. lol im sorry big guy i didnt mean to jump off without saying night. well im on know because my cuz coudnt sleep and woke half the house up. lol
  2. i didn't even get a cya Harsh lol. i guess battling stalkers ya can't really plan when ya see the stalker signal ya gotta go
  3. so am i reading things right you totally kicked some chics arse
  4. so how ya been anyway it's been a while
  5. good to see you to big guy.
  6. well thats good then always great to see ya
  7. ya im on and its nice to be on!!!
  8. well well the other night is on lol
  9. well i'm beyond tough lol. indestructable lol.
  10. i figuerd as much. lol I mean the leader of the Auto-bucket-of-bolts should be tough. lol
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