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  1. i'll have to try find it now
  2. Oh no, that was a Text one that I found. The dream one is an earlier post that the boys were giving me crap about.
  3. nope i got it the alec baldwin one right
  4. wait what dream thing
  5. The ones with the numbers next to them are from a site called Texts From Last Night. Best website ever. I love playing in the randomz area. It's so fun! The only bad part is now the boys will never let me live down the dream thing.
  6. thats some good stuff you've dropped into the Randomz thread although some were a bit confusing lol.
  7. if only there was a recent visitors page on there
  8. thats really weird i know facebook accounts get hacked all the time heaps of people i know have had it happen to theirs, it sounds like someone is trying to be a kiss arse by taking time out to do that
  9. They sent it from their home computer, that's what makes it worse. That means they were off duty when they did it. Nothing I said concerned them really. I was letting my friend know why I was feeling so down that day.
  10. man that really sucks facebook and that are blocked on our work comps n stuff but i always keep mine locked
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