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  1. Yeah we met when we first signed up. He's a really cool kid, and is really smart. It's just fun to annoy the heck out of him haha
  2. Lol! really? Do u know him personally? He's hard to work out hay hahahahaha! Very intelligent though 4 his age especially + being a male and all that hahahaha!
  3. He's a little hard to get stuff from, trust me, I know the kid well enough.
  4. Lol! i'm glad u do but y not TB awell?
  5. Haha! I like your thinking, let's do it. I'm aiming for CB
  6. Hahahahaha nope! c i want those to boys to do it 1st y should we give in 1st i'm morbidly curious to c TB & CB i know u agree with me to Swift lol! *winks*
  7. Hey PG, I'll make you a deal. If you post your pic, I'll post mine. Promise mmkay?
  8. I'm good to just browsing through the forums trying to c if there is anything interesting to comment on lol!!
  9. Not bad, yourself?
  10. hi swift how r u?
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