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  1. Yeah! Mirage and wheeljack that's what all of us are waiting. We only have the comics scans. Hope soon they appear
    Here it is. Yours is better! Thanks
  3. Your welcome

    And Shockwave is my favourite, megs too I can't chose they both badass, I will keep a look out for mirage and wheeljack and keep the thread update.
  4. It's the same shot but smaller he is with shockwave (same shot as yours) and starscream (old one) so maybe a fan made not even worthy. Wow someone mantion the movie in the TV right now. I am in Mexico. This is the first time I hear something of it in national tv.
  5. Ups! The one that you posted is better! Thank you by the way

    Yes! He is still a mess! A lot of parts here and there, but now is more rusty. And the truck parts very well disguise and it gives me the impression that he is bigger now, he is the hole truck. I wonder if he will use the chain he has in the chest. And I like the fact that the damage from ROTF remains in his face thats gonna look cool. But not sure for the "shotgun" the carries in his back! So maybe he will be hidden most of the time and we get to see more of shockwave and soundwave! Wich maybe we all will like more. Over all I think he is the best version of the 3 movies, becouse of the earth mode. Do you remember the shots filmed in Indiana highway involving a "all blue (CGI)" truck? I think it's gonna be him. I hope to see soundwave soon. Wich do you like the most Megatron or shokwave? Thanks for his pic too
  6. ugh I got banned from that site so I can't get in.
  7. Hi! Look this is one of the new Megatron images. Let me know if you got it.
  8. Hi

    Liking the new megatron look?
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