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  1. thats what i call support I wanted to do something similar : )
    I have a VW golf so its similar
  2. Ok!! Thanks a lot. I'm making my own trailer, soon I will upload.
  3. You need to copy the URL from the URL bar not from YouTube itself the link YouTube gives you doesnt work anymore on here.
  4. hi! i was hoping you could help me (again) I wanted to post a youtube video but the code youtube give me didn't worked. What can I do? Thanks
  5. Cool cant wait to see it np buddy
  6. Yes! Those are good reasons. And I think it looks very "official" too. when I wear it on that day I'll post pictures. I'm sure we all will do. Thanks for you opinion!!!
  7. Hey! I would have to go with this one:

    Why because its generally more known the T and the F says it all.
    When people see the NEST logo and the other one they dont recignize it that good or not at all in contrast to the TF from Transformers if you wear that your already a die hard fan of the TF franchise.
    And that Shootfortheedit on the back tells your a Michael Bay fan wich is great!

    Thats why i picked that one.
    Hope this helps you make a decision
  8. Hi. I've been making some designs for a T-Shirt to wear on the openning of the movie. And I wanted to ask about your opinion.
    I wanted something that said said, I'm the # 1 fan of transformers in this movie theater! But also something discreet, so this is what resulted.

    Which one do you like?
  9. They sometimes re-use various soundtracks because they think its a good one or when they think people fergot about it, and if something was a flop then they also reuse material because the music is still good and the movie not when not many people see a movie it flops and they re-use it again.
  10. Starcraft scream at 03:01. Thats very wierd. why do they do that?
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