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  1. yes i have can't wait to see it
  2. hey brother man whats up?hows everything been?hey man did u read what came out about the comics?
  3. likes to go for car ride
  4. niiiiiice
  5. welcome.. i sure am last sat i rescued a dog name prince he's 16 he's a minature schanuzer
  6. awesome men and thanx for the welcome but how things with u?u ready for this 3rd ballistic movie lol
  7. welcome home jarhead.. my ex-father in law was in the marines he's the last of his kind a mustang
  8. jajaja yea i was away for alil bit to honest i was in iraq. see im a former marine i was called out there with few other guys to help on a few things.but every little chance i got i would get in, lol but it was very just glad tobe back home out there aint no place to be right now dude.
  9. long time no see
  10. looks ok.. yea what a traitor
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