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  1. Lets hope so =/
  2. Lol yeah I figured

    Hopefully tickets won't get sold out when you buy them opening day.
  3. Ohh man i totally forgot to tekll you.. PSN is back up! XD ;D lol

    Na man, they still dont sell em here =/ but i might gonna wil Duo tickets for the avant-premiere in Paris! XD
  4. Hey dude, you get ur tickets yet?
  5. Hey dude, is PSN back up for you yet?
  6. Sure thing ill let you know, np
  7. Hey man what's up? Can you do me a favor? Can you please notify me when PSN is back online as I have to wait until this weekend to get on as I am very busy on school days. Thanks dude!
  8. Thats ok me too, we have a week vacation here now so ill see you online hopefully!
  9. Ok! I usually play on the weekends and holidays/breaks though! Just saying
  10. Ohh man to many games i think, just take a look at my trophies you'll see the games there.
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