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  1. happy 16th!!!
  2. lol, nice...ok my bad
  3. lol, I never knew that thing, and if I did, you wouldn't be chatting with me. I just knew, 'cause I manage to follow my trails the day before, found the link of th thread, and I appeared at the Vault, so I knew it was erased.
  4. aren't u the one who knows the password to the vault?
  5. lol, well, that stinks........and yes, 25!!!!!!!!!!
  6. We're still in Level 5, but in Yellow level. I don't get anything they're saying though. And swine flue is mortal to those that don't live in, let's say normal conditions. You know, poor people or homless persons. For people that live like you and me isn't mortal, 'cause I got it once and it was just like normal flu, only a little more annoying. But I'm cool now, and that sometimes creeps me out a little.

    The lamest thing is that TF2 can be delayed, I've been checking the sites of the cinemas and they get to June 26, and no TF2. Hope it isn't delayed, or else...

    EDIT: They delayed it...

    One day! June 25th!! YES!!!
  7. lol, definately my av!! its better

    well, that i didn't know u were in mexico....its almost level 6, eh? pretty bad...
  8. Bored a lot, with this of the swine flu in Mexico (You do know I live down here right?) some movies, like Star Trek have been delayed for 3 weeks, school gave us 2 extra week of classes, I have more exams. And I'm a little bored. Well, maybe a lot.

    You're avatar is a little distracting, I don't know what to look, Optimus Prime or your avatar, lol.
  9. lol, sweet...ya, not much..whats up w/ u?
  10. Hey, how ya doing? I say yes to your friend request, 'cause you're a cool guy.
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