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  1. wassup? still got ur awesome av i see?
  2. sup
  3. lol, thanks

    btw, love ur av
  4. Well I'm not much of a hockey fan, myself, more into baseball and football, but I have certainly followed this year's playoffs because of the games being so competitive. So I'll root for Carolina this year though, just for you.
  5. not much not much...just waiting for the hurricanes to take the cup
  6. Doing well, can't complain, what's up with you?
  7. sup, how are u?
  8. i live in BC
  9. Thanks, I thought with the change in the forum it was time to change the avatar. I see you're from Canada, what part? I've been to a few places in Canada; Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park is one of most beautiful places I've ever visited.
  10. dude, love ur avvy, so wassup??
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