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  1. lol

    I take care of 600 breeding sows..we produce piglets. The piglets later go to places were they can be fed up to the slaughter house. We only have them up to 30 kg. when they are ready for slaughter, they weigh 90-110 kg but we don't have them that long. I love my girls
  2. ours weren't very lucky! they sere very TASTY though
  3. hehe cool. Pigs are wonderful animals, smarter than dogs and they learn fast
  4. Im 28, and a physical therapist. my mom used to raise pigs and still raises chickens!
  5. I turn 30 June 30 :P I work at a pig farm
  6. how old are you Karen? what do you do in your life?
  7. Nice to meet you too
  8. nice to meet you Karen.
  9. My name is Karen
  10. yeah! i never got you name. mine's Cesar
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