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  1. Hello, been a very long time How are you?
  2. lol birthday was June 30 but thanks anyway
  3. Happy birthday!
  4. Hey! =) im fine really.. how about you? =) im on vacation at the beach now, going back friday.
  5. Howdy...long time no are you?
  6. lol, np
  7. Niice Thanks for your help
  8. These are the best results... i did my very VERY best, hope this helps you.

    The easiest way for you right now is to buy this:

    Lacie Slim Blu-Ray Burner (it's an external blu-ray drive, lets you burn Blu-rays but also lets you view blu-rays and 3D movies! )

    If your ever planning to buy a new PC screen buy this:

    Cheapest but best of the best:

    OR! if your planning to pay a bit extra for a better one with ECOfriendly use (low voltage power use, you'll save money on all your next power bills)
    Cost&ECO friendly and best of the best and cheapest:
  9. And if you have that screen, then buy one of these three blu-ray players:

    Philips PB9001 (portable Blu-ray player *!without 3D!*, your able to connect it to a FullHD TV or PC screen with the HDMI port on it)

    Samsung BD C6900:


    Playstation 3:
  10. I use cable for my internet and no my screen has no HDMI port
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